NEWS RELEASE: Trachelle C. Young Calls On Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton to Debate

For Immediate Release:

June 5, 2020

Contact: TJ Bucholz; 517-898-4641

Former Genesee County Assistant Prosecutor, Former City of Flint Attorney, and Veteran US Army JAGC Officer, Trachelle C. Young Calls on Prosecutor David Leyton to Debate

Committed to Investing in the Genesee County Community, Young Proposes a Chance for Voters to Educate Themselves on Their Prosecutor Candidates

(Flint, MI) — On Thursday, June 4, 2020, Trachelle C. Young, candidate for Genesee County Prosecutor, called upon current Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton for a debate. The debate will be in-person with social distancing at a location to be determined or an on-line debate within the next two to three weeks. The purpose of the debate is to educate the public on their two prosecutor candidates, including their records and their plans.

In her 24 years of practicing law, Trachelle C. Young has never backed down from a challenge, which is why she is more than ready to debate with Leyton at any time and in any location. Genesee County is her home, and she is ready to take a stand — not just for herself, but for the entire community that now stands in solidarity against police brutality, profiling and the use of excessive force.

“David Leyton has been in office for the past 15 years, and his policies and practices have only contributed to mass incarceration, over-charging, unfair plea-bargaining, abuse of the cash bail system and throwing our youth away. ” Young said. “That makes him part of the problem.”

Trachelle C. Young believes in the necessity of change for the future of Genesee County, and she knows that if Real Change hasn’t happened in the past 15 years with David Leyton as Genesee County Prosecutor, we can’t expect it to happen in the next four years. Young is ready to identify the issues most prevalent in the community and address them head-on, without faltering. Trachelle is determined to inspire local communities and galvanize all people.

“I’m running for Genesee County Prosecutor to ensure Equal Justice for ALL, as well as to confront and eliminate the systemic racial disparities that devastate communities of color,” Young said. “And that means bringing Accountability back to the prosecutor’s office and valuing all lives equally.”

Attorney Young suggests a potential debate format as follows:

The debate will open with each candidate having a 3-minute segment to introduce themselves and their platform. We will rotate the leading questions back and forth between each candidate. We will have 6 questions from the moderator on our agenda to guide our debate. Each candidate will be able to respond fully to each question from the moderator without interruptions from the other candidate (2 minutes or less). Once each candidate has been given their time to respond, there will be an opportunity for a noticeably short rebuttal by the opposing candidate.

We will allow an additional 4 questions from the media for each candidate to respond (2 minutes or less). 4 questions from the audience in attendance for each candidate to respond (2 minutes or less). The debate will conclude with each candidate having three minutes for closing remarks. The duration of the debate will approximately be 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Commitment. Integrity. Respect. Honesty. Trachelle C. Young for Genesee County Prosecutor.

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