Genesee County needs a long-term, proactive partnership between its prosecutor’s office, law enforcement agencies, members of the public & community, and private organizations. This partnership will empower the prosecutor’s office to solve problems within our criminal justice system, improve public safety, and enhance the quality of life for all of Genesee.


Trachelle C. Young believes in instituting restorative justice in Genesee County – an innovative approach in which one of the responses to a crime is to organize a meeting between the victim and the offender, in order to share their experiences of what happened, to discuss who was harmed by the crime and how, and to create a consensus for what the offender can do to repair the harm from the offense. 


Through the use of a broad-based mentorship program across Genesee County, Trachelle C. Young hopes to get to the root causes of crime before they occur, pairing community leaders with youth so they can learn by example and create positive ways to influence their neighborhoods.


“Tough on crime” responses to youth crime and misbehavior have led to more young people languishing in jail, wasting potentially the best years of their lives behind bars. When elected Genesee County Prosecutor, Trachelle C. Young will develop opportunities for treatment, rehabilitation, and positive reinforcement, creating community alternatives to jail and prison, significantly reduced the number of children behind bars.

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Trachelle C. Young

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